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Business – Strip It All Back

Our constant exposure to messaging has created a whole new level of business anxiety. I know, personally, it’s been built into a dragon of disproportionate magnitude that’s left myself and many other businesses asking – Can I actually slay this dragon?

As we all battle against finding the right niche, creating that killer hook and the story to back it up, we’re quickly becoming blinded to the core fundamentals of what a good business even does.

It adds value. That’s it.

The craftsman is being lost to a digital age. The skilled hands and techniques of passionate learned professionals is slowly disappearing down the conveyer belt and into the crunching metal jaws of shifty offers and click bait headlines that promise so much but add very little.

This became obvious to me when I heard the term MVP had shifted from being “Most Valuable Product” to “Minimal Viable Product”
We’ve been told too many stories by online voices who are nothing more than ‘short term grabs for traffic’ in a digital space hungry for clicks and desperate engagement. 

Maybe to my own detriment, I’ve refused to scale back the value in what I do and continue to add value in my craft. Maybe it’s to satisfy my own selfish pride, but I’m staying true to myself. I studied hard and travelled a tough road to become who I am and that person can’t sell dreams to a beggar.

I wish we could strip it all back, push the hustlers back into the desert and just be left with the professionals that care.


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