Meet Our Executive Team 

The Thinker Agency is the product of a round table discussion about so many agencies not delivering on all facets of todays omni-channel marketing needs. We set new standards for client service and support, delivering on point campaigns and powerful creative messaging.

Michael Scott | Director
Michael Scott | DirectorBrand & Strategy Consultant
Michael has over 15 years experience across leading agencies in brand development, the last 6 years as Head of Creative at Liquid Pixels. As an award winning graphic designer & photographer, his understanding of brand development, UI & UX gives him a laser targeted way of using visual communication to enforce a campaign’s message, Michael’s natural ability brings a serious set of skills.
Kate Barker
Kate BarkerHead of Data Strategy
Kate is a powerhouse when it comes to Google AdWords, campaign structure, implementation and analytical reporting. She has strong data experience including segmentation, clustering, predictive modelling and also in leveraging and specifying statistical or computational models to improve campaign performance.
Kylie Swinnerton
Kylie SwinnertonHead of Content
Kylie is our smiling copywriter. She’s written hundreds of articles for Australian National Construction Review, the leading magazine for the Australian Construction Industry. Kylie is also known for her ability to compile compelling content via annual reports, corporate websites and tender writing. We call her our queen of research, lover of chocolate and proud Mum.

Custom targeted expert strategies

We take an old fashioned approach to new age marketing. Good old client service still reigns King here at Thinker. We know first hand what it’s like to battle for transparency, have deadlines met and get the results that were promised. When you work with us, your brand becomes our brand. Your desires become our desires. We share the load and we quickly and professionally build that new partnership framework for a long standing union.

  • We pride ourselves with client transparency

  • Communication & consistency

  • We work to S.M.A.R.T Goals

Measurable, scalable solutions

S.M.A.R.T Goals are nothing new, but they are a strong method to base all strategies and campaigns on.


S.M.A.R.T Goals give us as an agency rock solid benchmarks and they give you, the client a series of milestones to expect and plan against.

  • Benchmark frameworks with consistent results

  • Reiterating methods of “Action/Testing/Feedback”

  • Integrated partnership campaign